• Prof. (Dr.) George Joseph LL.M., Ph.D
    (Former Director, School of Indian Legal Thought and Dean, Faculty of Law, M.G.University)


  • Mr.Rajan Babu
    (Former Assistant Registrar, M.G.University)


  • Prof.Dr.M.M.Mathew M.A.,Ph.D (Former Professor&Research Guide,Marthoma College,Thiruvalla)
  • Prof.Thomas Sebastian, M.Com. (Former Professor,Deva Matha College, Kuravilangad)
  • Prof.Lissiyamma Issac M.Com. (Former Professor, Henry Baker College, Melukavu)
  • Prof.(Dr.)T.M.Mathew (Former Professor, K.E.College, Mannanam)


  • Mr.Abhilash T.G. LL.M
  • Mrs.Chaithanya Nair S. LL.M
  • Mrs.Sheethal Susan Thomas LL.M
  • Mrs.Neethi Chacko LL.M
  • Miss Aparna S. LL.M
  • Mrs.Jaimol Thomas LL.M
  • Mrs.Syama P.S. LL.M
  • Dr.Jaisy T. LL.M.,Ph.D


  • Mrs.Susan George LL.M
  • Mr.Rubin Thomas John LL.M
  • Mrs.Lakshmi M. Nair M.Com.
  • Mrs.Athira Krishnan M.Com.
  • Miss.Aleena Christopher M.A.
  • Mr.Sebin Joseph M.A.
  • Mr.Ratishmon A.V. M.A
  • Miss Anju Issac M.A.
  • Mrs.Anju P. Padmanabhan M.A.
  • Mrs.Reshmi V.R. M.A.
  • Miss Princy John M.A


  • Mr.Ani Joseph (Librarian)
  • Mr.Mathew Thomas (Asst. Librarian)
  • Mrs.Sreejaya Varghese (Accountant)
  • Mr.V.A.Thomas(Peon)
  • Mrs.Marykutty A.C (L.G.S)
  • Mrs.Gacy Jose (L.G.S)
  • Mrs.Ramani (L.G.S)
  • Mr.V.J.Mathew (Security)
  • Mr.Santhosh Mathew (Driver)
  • Mr.Prasad T. (Driver)


3rd Navomy Ann Thomas Endowment Lecture, 2018 will be delivered by Prof. (Dr.) S. SIVAKUMAR, Professor, Indian Law Institute, New Delhi, Former Member, Law Commission of India, Vice-President, Commonwelth Legal Education Association (CLEA), President,CLEA (South Asia) on 3-12-2018 at 11.00 am.

CLEA India Round Mooting, 2019 The Commonwealth Legal Education Association (South Asia) announces India Round Moot competition to select Indian team to represent India in CLEA Moot 2019 to be held at Zambia in April 2019. The national round competition will take place on 12th & 13th January, 2019 at CSI College for Legal Studies, Kanakkary, Kottayam, Kerala. CLEA Moot is a biannual Commonwealth Moot open to representatives from regions of the Commonwealth (for this purpose - North America, United Kingdom, Caribbean, South Asia (India), Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, South East Asia, South, West and East Africa, Australasia and the Pacific) wherein the teams compete for Commonwealth Shield. CLEA India Round Mooting, 2019 is open for all Law schools and law colleges in the country. No institute shall send more than one team. Registration fee: Rs 3500/- Moot problem, mooting Rules, Important dates etc. will be released shortly. For further details, please contact: Dr. George Joseph : Organising Secretary- CLEA India Round Mooting, 2019 (dr.georgejoseph@yahoo.co.in) or Dr Lisa P Lukose: Mooting Coordinator- CLEA India Round Mooting, 2019 (lisrobin@gmail.com)