Rules Regarding Attendance

A student who is absent without leave for a period of more than 20 working days shall automatically stand removed from the college rolls. No student shall be eligible to appear for the end semester University examination unless he/she has attended not less than 75% of the classes in each paper.

Compulsory Internship

Each student shall have completed a minimum of 20 weeks internship during the entire period of the course with Judiciary, Advocates, legal regulatory authorities, Legislative bodies , Local Self Government, other legal functionaries, Law Firms, NGOs, Stock Exchanges, companies and such other bodies. The internship in any particular year should not exceed a continuous period of four weeks. Each student shall keep an internship diary which has to be prepared in his /her own handwriting. The Diary shall contain the details of training and the nature of work done by the student. After each spell of such internship, the record prepared by the student shall be signed by the person or authority with whom he/she has interned and the faculty in charge of the student. Students will be guided and evaluated by the faculty members appointed by the Principal.

Examination Rules

There will be University Examination at the end of each semester. Only the candidates who have secured the prescribed attendance and whose conduct and progress have been certified as satisfactory by the Principal will be admitted to the examination. Each paper carries 100 marks. The marks of written papers (except the last four written papers of the tenth semester) are set apart in the following manner:- Internal Assessment : 25 Marks External Written Examination : 75 Marks Total : 100 Marks The performance of students in practical training papers will be assessed by a team of faculty members appointed in that regard. There will be a viva-voce which may cover all the law subjects taught for the whole programme.

Internal Assessment in respect of written papers

Internal Assessment marks is respect of written papers are distributed as follows: Attendance : 5 marks Class Room Assignment : 10 marks Test Paper : 10 marks Total : 25 marks (maximum) A Grievance Redressal Cell constituted by the Principal will examine written complaints in respect of internal assessment . Complaints shall be preferred within 5 days from the publication of marks; and the decision of the Cell shall be final


A candidate who is registered and is entitled to be presented for the examination in a semester shall alone be eligible to pursue the studies for the next semester of the course. Pass Minimum and Classification A candidate who secures not less than 40% marks in the external examination separately and 50% in the aggregate of the total marks for that paper shall be declared to have passed the examination in that paper. A candidate who passes in all the papers and secures 50% or more of the aggregate marks for all the ten semesters but less than 60% shall be declared to have passed whole examination in Second class. Successful candidates with 60% marks or above in aggregate for all the ten semesters shall be declared to have passed the whole examination in First Class. Successful candidates with 75% marks or above in aggregate for all ten semesters shall be declared to have passed the whole examination with Distinction provided he/she passes all the examinations within the period of whole programmme. Ranking shall be done on the basis of marks obtained by the candidate in the whole examination passed in the first chance.

Vacation and Holidays

The college will remain closed for midsummer vacation for two months during April and May and also ten days each for Onam and Christmas holidays.